In-School Mental Health Community Partnership

In-School Community Mental Health Partnerships

Baltimore County Schools can partner with one or more mental health agencies to offer school-based services to students. All required paperwork must be completed and approved by the Department of Social-Emotional Support. Please contact
Debbie Somerville with any questions about the RFP process and approved vendors.

For more information about In-School Community Partnerships, please request access to the School Mental Health Wiki

 All mental health agencies must be an approved vendor within BCPS. Please see below for the list of approved vendors:

  •  All Walks of Life
  •  Associated Catholic Charities (Villa Maria)
  •  Balance Point Wellness
  •  Community Wellness Center (Freedom Health Care, Inc.)
  •  Eva Life Giver
  •  First Choice Behavioral Health
  •  Gifts, LLC
  •  Hope Health Systems
  •  Innovative Therapeutic Service
  •  Key Point Health Services
  •  Life Renewal Services
  •  Lighthouse, Inc.
  •  Main Street Mobile Treatment
  •  Medstar Health (Bay Life Services)
  •  Mosaic Community Services
  •  Pressley Ridge
  •  The Children’s Guild Alliance
  •  Thrive Behavioral Health
  •  Time Organization

Process for Screening and Monitoring, PS 115

Required Forms:

Submitted prior to services beginning and at the start of each school year:

Submitted at the end of each school year:

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