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BCPS School Social Work Mission:

The mission of school social work is to provide a continuum of services to students in the educational setting and ensure that all students can achieve academic, social, and emotional growth in an environment that promotes a culture of deliberate excellence and equity. School social workers assess students’ functioning within the school environment to strengthen their capacity for learning. This assessment informs the provision of services to students and their families, the collaboration with school staff, and the mobilization of community resources. School social workers serve as advocates and change agents with the goal of maximizing students’ potential and unique abilities.

School Social Work Vision:

Each student, family, and staff will be provided coordinated interventions designed to meet student’s needs and access to the supports essential to promote student academic and social success.

School Social Work Core Beliefs:

We Believe:
  • Each student is valuable and capable of building resilience and the social skills needed to be successful for life with positive relationships and connections.
  • Every student thrives academically when their basic needs are met such as safety, food, clothing, and housing.
  • Every parent wants his/her child to be successful in life and deserves to be respected and served
  • Positive relationships can impact school staff, school climate, students, and families.
  • School Social Workers offer dynamic leadership to a school community by delivering services in a multi-tiered program that supports mental health well-being and success for every child in the school community.


What is School Social Work Services?

School social work services provide a unique service that supports intervention to identify and eliminate barriers to students’ academic achievement and their healthy social-emotional development.  School social workers provide both direct and indirect services to help students achieve maximum benefit from their educational experiences and to meet the countywide goals:

  • To improve achievement for all students.
  • To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment in every school.
  • To use resources efficiently and effectively.

How Are Services Provided by School Social Workers?

 School Social Workers can support students through:

    Academic Support:

  • Enhance communication among students, families, and schools
  • Work with students to improve their school attendance and performance
  • Complete psychosocial assessments to determine students’ needs for support
  • Provide advocacy for children and their families
  • Identify and refer students to tutorial, enrichment, and after-school programs

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

  • Provide individual student and family counseling
  • Teach conflict resolution, problem solving, and decision-making skills
  • Provide training to help students develop self-esteem and self-control
  • Provide crisis intervention support

    Community Outreach and Resource Development:

  • Locate mentoring and recreational resources for students
  • Consult with other interagency partners to determine ways to help meet students’ needs 

School Social Workers can support parents and families through:

    Academic Support:

  • Assist parents/guardians in their role as partners in their children’s education
  • Promote positive working relationships between parents/guardians and the school staff
  • Provide parenting workshops

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

  • Provide family, group, and individual therapy
  • Complete assessments and evaluations
  • Connect families with support groups
  • Assist with crisis management

    Community Outreach and Resource Development:

    Links families with available community resources:

  • Financial aid
  • Housing
  • Child care
  • Medical care
  • Legal assistance
  • Early education intervention
  • Emergency aid
  • Mental health assistance
  • School Safety Resource List 

School Social Workers can support school staff by providing:

    Academic Support:

  • Assist parents/guardians with understanding expectations for behavior and learning in the educational setting
  • Make home visits to establish or expand home/school connections
  • Monitor student attendance
  • Complete Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and classroom observations
  • Attend SST/IEP team meetings to participate in the development of social-emotional goals of the Individualized Educational Plans and 504 Plans
  • Provide staff development around issues of social-emotional learning

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

  • Support implementation of Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs) and Behavioral Management Plans (BMPs) based on FBAs
  • Consult with faculty/staff/families regarding behavioral/emotional concerns
  • Assist with the implementation of social emotional goals for individual students
  • Facilitate social skills training and/or support groups for students

    Community Outreach and Resource Development:

  • Identify community resources for families
  • Coordinate support for students with school staff and community agencies

Who Provides School Social Work Services?

  • School Social Work Services are provided by licensed State of Maryland Social Workers and are certified to practice as school social workers by Maryland State Department of Education.
  • School Social Workers are part of the interdisciplinary team that plans and monitors the student's special education Individual Education Program or written 504 Plan.

How Can I Find Out More About School Social Work Services?

  • If your child attends a Baltimore County Public School, contact your child's classroom teacher, school administrator, or the school social worker assigned to the school.

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