Training 504 and SST

Beth Lambert, SST/504 Facilitator
Office of School Climate
Cockeysville Middle School
10401 Greenside Drive
Cockeysville, MD 20130

The department’s purpose is to coordinate support, services, and programs designed to educate the whole child cognitively, emotionally, and socially while building good character so that each student can become a productive citizen that is prepared to live and work in our global society.

The Facilitator assists the Coordinator by providing leadership, advice, and assistance in each of the offices within Department for the delivery of support, services, and programs to students, families, and school to help all students experience the highest possible levels of academic success in safe and orderly learning environments.  The Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the positive behavior and disciplinary procedures and supervises the Superintendent’s Designees.  Safety and emergency procedures planning are also coordinated by the Coordinator with interagency partners to provide support and leadership for schools and offices in case there are emergencies.

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