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What is School Social Work Services?

School social work services provide a unique service that supports intervention to identify and eliminate barriers to students’ academic achievement and their healthy social-emotional development.  School social workers provide both direct and indirect services to help students achieve maximum benefit from their educational experiences and to meet the countywide goals:

  • To improve achievement for all students.
  • To maintain a safe and orderly learning environment in every school.
  • To use resources efficiently and effectively.

How Are Services Provided by School Social Workers?

 School Social Workers can support students through:

    Academic Support:

  • Enhance communication among students, families, and schools
  • Work with students to improve their school attendance and performance
  • Complete psychosocial assessments to determine students’ needs for support
  • Provide advocacy for children and their families
  • Identify and refer students to tutorial, enrichment, and after-school programs

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

  • Provide individual student and family counseling
  • Teach conflict resolution, problem solving, and decision-making skills
  • Provide training to help students develop self-esteem and self-control
  • Provide crisis intervention support

    Community Outreach and Resource Development:

  • Locate mentoring and recreational resources for students
  • Consult with other interagency partners to determine ways to help meet students’ needs 

School Social Workers can support parents and families through:

    Academic Support:

  • Assist parents/guardians in their role as partners in their children’s education
  • Promote positive working relationships between parents/guardians and the school staff
  • Provide parenting workshops

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

  • Provide family, group, and individual therapy
  • Complete assessments and evaluations
  • Connect families with support groups
  • Assist with crisis management

    Community Outreach and Resource Development:

    Links families with available community resources:

  • Financial aid
  • Housing
  • Child care
  • Medical care
  • Legal assistance
  • Early education intervention
  • Emergency aid
  • Mental health assistance
  • School Safety Resource List 

School Social Workers can support school staff by providing:

    Academic Support:

  • Assist parents/guardians with understanding expectations for behavior and learning in the educational setting
  • Make home visits to establish or expand home/school connections
  • Monitor student attendance
  • Complete Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and classroom observations
  • Attend SST/IEP team meetings to participate in the development of social-emotional goals of the Individualized Educational Plans and 504 Plans
  • Provide staff development around issues of social-emotional learning

    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

  • Support implementation of Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs) and Behavioral Management Plans (BMPs) based on FBAs
  • Consult with faculty/staff/families regarding behavioral/emotional concerns
  • Assist with the implementation of social emotional goals for individual students
  • Facilitate social skills training and/or support groups for students

    Community Outreach and Resource Development:

  • Identify community resources for families
  • Coordinate support for students with school staff and community agencies

Who Provides School Social Work Services?

  • School Social Work Services are provided by licensed State of Maryland Social Workers and are certified to practice as school social workers by Maryland State Department of Education.
  • School Social Workers are part of the interdisciplinary team that plans and monitors the student's special education Individual Education Program or written 504 Plan.

How Can I Find Out More About School Social Work Services?

  • If your child attends a Baltimore County Public School, contact your child's classroom teacher, school administrator, or the school social worker assigned to the school.

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