ESOL Intake Center - PPS


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Mark Anelli
PPW/ESOL Liaison

Office:  443-809-6752

The ESOL Family Welcome Center provides assistance to families who have either recently arrived from a foreign country or who may use a language other than English at home.  Families can make an appointment at the ESOL Family Welcome Center where a student evaluation is conducted to determine levels of service and appropriate placement.    A Pupil Personnel Worker is dedicated to recent arrivals and can expedite and facilitate enrollment for this population.  The Pupil Personnel Worker/ESOL Liaison can assist with:

*  Shared Domicile Application and Approval Process
*  Guardianship/Custody Issues
*  Hardship/Kinship Application and Approval Process
*  Displaced Families and Unaccompanied Youth

 Click Here for more information:  ESOL Intake Form