Title IX

Tiffany Eshelman, Coordinator 
Title IX
Department of School Safety 

What is the role of the Title IX coordinator within BCPS?

The Title IX coordinator ensures that BCPS is compliant with the United States Department of Education Title IX Regulations, monitors the implementation of Title IX procedures, and oversees the complaint process for BCPS.

What does this mean for BCPS students and staff?

The Title IX coordinator is one of many individuals in BCPS who helps to support a safe, sexual discrimination-free environment for all BCPS students and staff. Should a BCPS student or staff member believe they, or someone they know, have been subjected to sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment, including in the cyber environment, they are strongly encouraged to contact the Title IX coordinator to understand their rights and receive support. The Title IX coordinator will ensure that a thorough, prompt, and impartial investigation with equitable treatment of both parties is completed should a BCPS student or staff member file a formal complaint.

May I reach out to the Title IX coordinator directly?

Yes. Any BCPS student or staff member can reach the Title IX coordinator directly via email at titlenine@bcps.org or via phone at 443.809.7619.

Is there a timeline to file a report with the Title IX coordinator?

A BCPS student or staff member can file a report directly with the Title IX Coordinator at any time. Please note, a delay in reporting may result in the loss of relevant evidence impacting BCPS staffs’ ability to respond and take appropriate action. Complainants may file anonymously, however, this may significantly impact the investigation and resolution of the allegation.

Can anyone file a report with the Title IX coordinator?

All members of the BCPS school community can and should promptly report sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment, to the Title IX coordinator. Employees are required to report. Reports should be made in good faith with honest, non-malicious intent.

 Will I be retaliated against for filing a report with the Title IX coordinator?

No BCPS employee or student shall retaliate in any way against a person for making a complaint in good faith, testifying, assisting, participating in, or declining to participate in any manner in an investigation or complaint proceeding. Individuals who retaliate will be subject to the appropriate and applicable disciplinary process.

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