Safe Schools Partnership

The Safe Schools Initiative is the liaison between the Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) and the Baltimore County Public Schools. The Safe Schools Initiative works closely with staff in coordinating all programs and services provided to the school system by BCoPD. This inter-agency partnership is designed to help ensure the maintenance of safe and orderly learning environments in all schools and offices. The Safe Schools Initiative also develops high quality Site-based Emergency Plans in order for all inter-agency partners know exactly how they are to respond to an emergency.

Additionally, the Safe Schools Program:

  • Consults with school administrators, staff, and parents on safety issues 
  • Coordinates Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
  • Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Programs 
  • Assists with establishing protocols for the management of emergencies 
  • Assists with the implementation of the School Resource Officers' (SRO) Program
    • SROs serve as:
      • law related educators;
      • mentors/counselors; and,
      • law-enforcers.

School Resource Officers in Elementary Schools

 Elementary School Resource Officers (ESROs) will be assigned to proactively support elementary schools using a cluster model. One officer from each precinct will be assigned to the elementary schools served by a precinct. ESROs will visit their assigned schools on a rotating basis. The amount of time spent in each school will vary depending on the number of schools served by the precinct. Like SROs serving secondary schools, ESROs will be tasked at maintaining the triad model which consist of teaching, mentoring, and law enforcement. However, their roles will differ in the following ways:

  • Officers will be assigned to multiple schools.
  • Officers might not get to visit each school on a daily basis.
  • Officers will not have assigned office space within their assigned schools. They will need a space from which to operate when privacy is needed.