Mind Over Matters

Mind Over Matters Campaign


Mind Over Matters 2022-2023 Campaign


Mind Over Matters is an ongoing movement to raise awareness about mental health and promote wellness for students and staff in Baltimore County Public Schools. The activities included here coincide with the various themes broken down by months/quarters. There are a host of options for the school community, including those that can be offered virtually. While the themes are broken down by month/theme, feel free to use the activities when appropriate. Please refer to the All-Year Activity Options for additional activities that can be considered throughout the school year. 

2022 - 2023 Months and Themes



Sample Activities

Kindness Matters

(September – November)

To engage students and staff by exploring the importance of being kind to themselves and others.

Kindness Chain (Activity for Elementary and Secondary) Each time you catch a student doing something kind, ask them to write it on a piece of construction paper with their name and add it to your ‘kindness chain.’

National Bullying Prevention Month – Student Activity Kit (Activity for Elementary and Secondary) Throughout October, use this four-week activity kit in K-12 classrooms or other youth settings. The kit features theme weeks, classroom projects, and student engagement to promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to prevent bullying.

You Matter

(December –February)

Coping skills, healthy lifestyle, and engaging in healthy relationships play a vital role to overall wellness. Students and staff will enhance their abilities to cope by identifying their coping skills, exploring their healthy habits, and examining the quality of their relationships.

Coping Skills Toolkit (Activity for Elementary and Secondary) A collection of worksheets, resources, and tools for all ages.

Choose MyPlate (Activity for All Ages) Practice healthy eating habits using this app and website.

Couplets– One Love Foundation (Activity for Secondary)There are always signs in an unhealthy relationship. While everyone has behaviors we can work on, we also shouldn’t brush aside bad behavior as “cute” or “trivial.” The Couplets features a series of videos that highlight unhealthy relationships.

Mental Health & Pride Matters

(March – June)

Mental health impacts how we think, feel, and act. It impacts the decisions we make, how we relate to others, and how we handle stress. June is national LGBT Pride Month. We will recognize the importance of having pride in who we are (as students, staff, and families), appreciate our strengths, and the strengths in others.In these activities we will enhance our tools for social-emotional learning, grief, promote mental wellness, healthy ways to cope with uncomfortable and unsettling feelings or events, and engage in activities that promote our strengths, enhance our resilience, and show appreciation for our humanity.

Self-Care Activities (Activities for All Ages) Promote habits and routines that engage and encourage students, staff, and all members of our school communities to take care of their physical and emotional health throughout their lifetime. The Self Care Plan ideas range from five minutes to one-hour self-care activities that can be practiced at school and at home.

Guest Speaker Event (Activities for All Ages) BCPS student or staff (or other approved outside guest) to speak to students and staff to bring additional awareness to all.

Pride Matters Choice Board(Activities for All Ages) Includes a variety of activities for students, families, and staff to participate in.


We encourage staff and students to post pictures of themselves
engaging in the activities using #BCPSCares on social media.

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