Community Mental Health Partnerships

Baltimore County Schools can partner with one or more mental health agencies to offer school-based services to students. Please see below for the list of approved vendors.
  • All Walks of Life 
  • Associated Catholic Charities (Villa Maria) 
  • Balance Point Wellness 
  • Community Wellness Center (Freedom Health Care, Inc.) 
  • Eva Life Giver 
  • First Choice Behavioral Health 
  • Gifts, LLC                                                
  • Hope Health Systems 
  • Innovative Therapeutic Service 
  • Key Point Health Services 
  • Life Renewal Services 
  • Lighthouse, Inc. 
  • Main Street Mobile Treatment 
  • Mosaic Community Services 
  • Pressley Ridge 
  • The Children’s Guild Alliance 
  • Thrive Behavioral Health 
  • Time Organization 
For more information about In-School Community Partnerships, please reach out to your school leadership team or a school support team member.

Process for Screening and Monitoring, PS 115 

Proposal for In-School Community Partnership, F1 

For more information regarding Community Partnerships, please contact Courtney Brown .