Mental Health Services

Patricia Mustipher, LCSW-C
(443) 809-0305

Courtney Blair, LCSW-C
Supervisor of Mental Health
(443) 809-0305

Office of School Climate
Cockeysville Middle School
10401 Greenside Drive
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Office: 443-809-0305

Fax: 410-666-0025

Baltimore County Public Schools recognizes the importance of student’s mental health, wellness, and safety. Mental health involves emotional, psychological, social, and behavioral wellness. Mental health impacts how we relate to others, manage stress, process information, and make decisions. There are staff in place to support students and refer them for mental health services as needed. These staff work to ensure that the student receive these services.  This includes behavioral health and wraparound services.

The Mental Health Supervisor of Baltimore County:

  1. ensures that a student who is referred for mental health services obtains the necessary services;
  2. maximizes external funding for mental health and wraparound services,
  3. develops plans for delivering behavioral health and wraparound services to students who exhibit specified behaviors of concern.

Additional projects and initiatives that are underway:

  • Community Mental Health Partnerships
  • Development of Mental Health Advisory Council
  • Mind Over Matters Campaign
  • Providing Resources
  • Suicide Awareness Initiative
  • Signs Of Suicide (SOS) Program
  • Staff and Parent Trainings
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Overall coordination and support of multi-tiered interventions supporting mental health


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Walk to Fight Suicide Flyer

Local and National Resources

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