Student Support Services

Deidre J. Hill
Administrative Secretary III
Jefferson Building
105 West Chesapeake Ave.
      Lower Level
Towson, Maryland 21204

Director of Student Support Services:
  Coordinates prevention and intervention programs and services to support schools, students and parents by addressing the academic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of all students to maximize student achievement. 

Health Services:  Coordinates a comprehensive health service program that supports student learning, student health as well as academic and social-emotional development. Provides direct health services; coordinates care with community health care providers; provides health education and counseling to students, parents, and staff; develops plans to ensure safety for students with acute and chronic health conditions; and promotes a healthy school climate and environment. School-school based wellness centers enhance school nursing by providing primary care to students who experience barriers to accessing health care.

School Counseling:
Professional School Counselors support the academic, career and social-emotional development of all students by assuring equitable access to high quality educational opportunities and creating safe learning environments. Professional School Counselors partner with teachers, administrators, families and other stakeholders to develop and navigate rigorous and individualized educational plans that prepare students to graduate, on time, as globally competitive citizens ready for college, careers, and life.

Student Support Services provides equitable access to services and programs that address academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and health needs of all students in preparation for college and career readiness.