Residency Office

Residency Verification

Erika Hamlet, Residency Liaison
Sheila Hand, Office Secretary
Office:  443-809-6403
Fax:  443-809-8308

The Residency Office of Pupil Personnel Services assists families with an enrollment of their children in a Baltimore County Public School.  These enrollments may include special transfers, shared domiciles, informal kinship care, and serious family hardship situations. 

The Residency Office considers appeals and issues decisions regarding special transfers and withdrawals on behalf of the Executive Director of Academic Services.  The Residency Office conducts nonresident special cases involving admission to and/or withdrawal from school.  

The Residency Office helps parents understand our superintendent's policy and rules 5140 and 5150 which focuses on special transfers and nonresident cases respectively. The Residency Office provides leadership and the development, updating, and implementation of system-wide training programs regarding residency and enrollment.  

documentation of residency

Proof of Residency

When registering for enrollment into a Baltimore County Public School, proof that the child is domiciled in Baltimore County with a parent(s)/legal guardian(s) is required. Proof of residency must be updated each time residency changes.  The following documentation is required for enrollment from one of the following:

  • Deed, which may include mortgage coupon book, real estate tax bill, or title.

  • Lease, which must include all pages and required signatures.

  • Rental agreement with a private party owner, which must include proof of ownership from the landlord. 

  • Business mail, which must include (3) three pieces of business mail within 60 days. 

  • Photo Identification, which may include a work photo identification or student identification.  If you are using a driver’s license as photo identification, the address must match the address of the current domicile.  


For information on residency to Superintendent's Policy and Rule 5150.


For information on the for special transfer request refer to Superintendent's Policy and Rule 5140.  Before submitting an application for special transfer, the student must first be enrolled in their zoned school.  

Nonresident students who are 
eligible  to attend a Baltimore County Public School, as outlined in Superintendent’s Rule 5150 will be charged tuition according to the Office of Business Services.



Appeals must be made in writing and signed along with any supporting documentation, must accompany your appeal within 15 business days of denial and file with the Executive Director, Department of Social and Emotional Support, c/o Residency Liaison, Baltimore County Public Schools, Cockeysville Middle School, 10401 Greenside Drive, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030.